St. Saviour's Road Church, Leicester: memorial board

Located within the church was a Memorial Board bearing the names of 216 men in the parish who fell in the First World War.  Below are images of the Memorial Board in situ at the church showing how it looked before and after it was vandalised.

It was originally intended that the black panels bearing the names of the fallen men would be restored.  However, upon inspection, the panels were found to have deteriorated to such a state where the men's names were barely legible and in some cases not at all.

It was therefore decided that a local artist/designer would be instructed to create a faithful reproduction of the board. This was completed in September 2014 (see image below);  together with the light-box reproductions of the stained-glass windows, the recreated board now forms a striking part of the collection of memorial items from St. Saviour's Church in our Resident Memorials Collection.

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