Our Resident Memorials

Sometimes it is not possible for the memorials we rescue or restore to be placed back into the buildings where they were originally located. This can be for a number reasons such as the building is to be demolished, there is a risk of theft or vandalism or there is (or will be) a change of use/ownership of the premises.

In these cases, we are able to take the memorial concerned into our custody in the Chancel of All Saints' Church where we have a number of bespoke display stands and equipment. Wherever possible, each memorial is accompanied by details of the building where it was originally located together with whatever information we have been able to gather concerning the men listed on the memorial.

It is these memorials which are available to view on our open days. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-22.jpg

Lance Corporal Atkinson-Hall - Certificate of Disabled Discharge

Find out more about the Certificate of Disabled Discharge of Lance Corporal Atkinson-Hall. 

Aylestone & District Working Men's Club and Institute

This memorial window is one of the largest memorials we have in our collection. 


Belgrave & District Working Men's Club and Institute

One of two Roll of Honour boards commemorating the men connected to the Belgrave & District Working Men's Club. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-10.jpg

Belgrave Liberal Club, Leicester

Slightly damaged, but have now saved this memorial for future generations. 

Cpl WB Wright RE ex Bagworth P1010834.jp

Corporal William Butler Wright, Royal Engineers

A little memorial commemorating Corporal William Butler Wright. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-16 BUSMC RoH .jpg

British United Shoe Machinery Company Ltd

A wonderful Roll of Honour that was saved from a skip. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-05.jpg

The City of Leicester Tramways and Electricity Memorial

Dedicated to the memory of the City of Leicester Tramways and Electricity Department who lost their lives in both World Wars. 

St S. Holy Communion Chadwicksphoto 6989

Framed print of Holy Communion battlefield service

A framed lithograph shows a group of soldiers kneeling before a makeshift altar during World War One in Flanders fields.

Chadwicksphoto 69896-31.jpg

Frederick Street Methodist Church

Listing fifteen names of people who had attended Sunday School at the Cross Street Methodist Church who lost their lives in WW1. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-21.jpg

Leicester Boy Scouts Association

An interesting memorial dedicated to the Scoutmasters, Patrol Leaders, Seconds and Scouts of the Leicester [Boy Scouts] Association who lost their lives in WW1. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-18.jpg

Leicester Dyers & Scourers Trade Society - Roll of Honour

Commemorating members of the Leicester Dyers & Scourers Trade Society who lost their lives in WW1. 

N Evington Constitutional Club P1010175.

North Evington Constitutional Club

This Roll of Honour to members of the Club who served in both World Wars.

Chadwicksphoto 69896-02 A Newton WW1.jpg

Old Newtonians Memorial Tablets

Two tablets listing the names of Old Newtonians who lost their lives in both World Wars. 

Regent Club Part cleaned 20190730_145450

Regent Club, Rugby Road, Hinckley

A memorial to the men of the former Regent Club in Hinckley who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War. 

Standard Eng. Ltd WWI RoH (2)-002.jpg

Standard Engineering Roll of Honour

A sadly lost Roll of Honour from the Standard Engineering factory in Evington Valley Road, Leicester. We are appealing for more information on this memorial. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-43.jpg

St. Augustine’s Church, Newfoundpool, Leicester

An interesting memorial column from St. Augustine's Church in Leicester.  

Chadwicksphoto 69896-07.jpg

St. James the Less, Aylestone

Another Aylestone memorial which contains the names of 154 people who died in conflict during WW1. 


St. Mark's Church, Belgrave, Leicester

Although the original memorial has long since gone, we have pictures of it displayed as part of our collection. 

DSC02416 (590x800).jpg

St. Michael’s Church, Scott Street, Knighton, Leicester

We have a number of memorial plaques from St. Michael's Church in Knighton.  

St S Eagle lectern Chadwicksphoto 69896-

St Saviour's Road Church, Leicester: eagle lectern 

A very interesting lectern from St Saviour's Church, Leicester.

Chadwicksphoto 69896-25.jpg

St. Saviour’s Road Church, Leicester: memorial board

A recreation of a memorial which was located at St. Saviour's Road Church in Leicester. 


St. Saviour’s Road Church, Leicester: stained glass windows

We have recreations of three stained glass windows which were sadly lost to vandalism some years ago. 


St Saviour’s  Road Church, Leicester: WW2 candlesticks

Two candlesticks from St Saviour's Church.

St S RoH WW2 Chadwicksphoto 69896-23.jpg

St Saviour’s Road Church, Leicester: WW2 Roll of Honour

Another memorial from the ransacked St Saviour's Church.

Chadwicksphoto 69896-09.jpg

United Reformed Church, Evington Road, Leicester

A memorial framed picture and plaque from this now closed church. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-03.jpg

Vann Street Methodist Church

This memorial comes from the Vann Street Methodist Church which has long since gone. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-06.jpg

Vernon Road Methodist Church 

This memorial comes from the Vernon Road Methodist Church in Aylestone, which is no longer a place of worship. 

Chadwicksphoto 69896-04.jpg

2nd Lieutenant G. E. Woodward

This memorial commemorates 2nd Lieutenant G. E. Woodward who died in action in 1918. 

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