St. James the Less, Aylestone

This memorial was passed on to us by the Church of the Nativity in Aylestone Park, Leicester who had taken it into their care when the church of St. James the Less was closed. The memorial contains the names of 154 people who died during WW1 and who would have had ties with either the church or the local community. As can be seen there are a number of people on the memorial who would have been from the same family such as the Peggs and Mullahys.

The church of St. James the Less has totally vanished and a small housing development now stands on its former site.

The memorial is made of slate with the names being engraved into it and embossed in gold. As with the Vernon Road memorial, this memorial also quotes the duration of the war being from 1914 to 1919.  

Joan Rowbottom, who has worked closely with us, has produced mini biographies of the men listed on this memorial. These are from her splendid book which she has donated to our project and resides with the memorial. You can also read these biographies here. It is split into fifteen alphabetical sections (click on the links below to see more).

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven


Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten  Part Eleven  Part Twelve  Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen  Part Fifteen

Research conducted by Joan Rowbottom

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