Standard Engineering

We had long believed that Standard Engineering one of Leicester’s bigger machinery manufacturing companies must have had a Roll of Honour or War Memorial but with no sight of the old factory in Evington Valley Road, it having been taken over years ago by an American engineering company, we feared the worst and that it and the business had vanished.


But in one of those wonderful strokes of luck which any quest needs, we received a photograph taken by the City Estate’s Department back in the 1960’s.  It showed the interior of the clocking-on room and there along with a Wrigley’s chewing gum and Woodbine cigarette dispenser, was a slanting shot of the memorial! The hunt was renewed.


A new search on the web showed that the company was actually successfully operating in Kettering. When contacted naturally no one knew about it but after a chain of phone calls, a retired employee recalled a book “Our Fifty Years” being published in 1944 and there was the photograph of the memorial!


The actual memorial we fear has long been lost in the various take-overs and moves. If anyone knows anything, please do get in touch.

Standard Eng. Ltd WWI RoH (2)-002.jpg