Claremont Street Methodist Church

Memorial: Claremont Street Methodist Church

Claremont Street Methodists have a long and distinguished history. Originally founded as an informal gathering in a cottage by labouring people in Belgrave in 1820, they soon outgrew the available space and moved to a cow shed on Checkett’s Lane.

With numbers continuing to grow a purpose built first a chapel and then in 1877 a church was constructed with a school building alongside a few years later.

The interior was equally impressive.

Like so many other religious organisations, numbers declined and eventually the church building being too large, was demolished in 1994 and worship continued in the Sunday School building alongside.

In April 2014 Chris Stephens had found that the war memorial, having been removed prior to demolition of the main church building was stored in a cupboard. He proposed to the Minister that it could be re-erected on the hall wall and ARWMP offered to pay to have this done.

The work was duly carried out and a rededication service was held on 1st August 2014. [Awaiting photograph]

Having paid for this memorial to be re-erected in the meeting room in 2014, it is with great sadness that in late 2021 we had to take it into care on the closure of the church.

The history of this church dates back to 1820 – only five years after the battle of Waterloo!

Originally a group of labouring people meeting to worship in a cottage on the green of Belgrave village.

Numbers grew steadily and in 1880 the main handsome church was built with a fine gallery. With growth continuing the schools (right of church) were added in 1904.

Like so many memorials, the wording gives no clue as to its origin hence the urgent need to carefully preserve its heritage.

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