Carter, Keith



1920 - 1941
Rank Sergeant
Service no.1164195
Born May 21, 1920
DiedOctober 22, 1941



Wireless Operator/Air Gunner

Gateway School 1931-36

Son of Herbert and Lily Carter. Husband of Ethel Carter.

Sergeant Carter was one of the crew of Wellington T2967 that took off from RAF Snaith at 18:15 hours on the 22nd October 1941. The aircraft was on an operation to Mannheim in Germany, and failed to return as aircraft was shot down and crashed at Wiesbaden Rambach. Sergeant Carter is buried in Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany, Joint Grave 5. C. 15-16.

History Information

Crew members were:-

  • Sergeant A L Bradshaw, Sergeant P P F Du Pre
  • Pilot Officer G C O’Neill (RCAF) Sergeant K Carter
  • Sergeant H I S Arme Sergeant R L Hunt

Keith Carter is also remembered on the Roll of Honour and war memorial from the now closed United Reform Church of Christ, Evington Road. Both items are in the care of Leicester City, County & Rutland At Risk War Memorials Project at All Saints Church, Leicester LE1 4PH.

The site for Durnbach War Cemetery was chosen, shortly after hostilities had ceased, by officers of the British Army and Air Force, in conjunction with officers of the American Occupation Forces in whose zone Durnbach lay. The great majority of those buried here are airmen shot down over Bavaria, Wurtemberg, Austria, Hessen and Thuringia, brought from their scattered graves by the Army Graves Service. The remainder are men who were killed while escaping from prisoner of war camps in the same areas, or who died towards the end of the War on forced marches from the camps to more remote areas. DURNBACH WAR CEMETERY contains 2,934 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 93 of which are unidentified. One grave in the cemetery (III. C.22.) contains the ashes of an unknown number of unidentified war casualties recovered from Flossenburg. Also, one grave (IV. A. 21.) contains the remains of 6 unidentified U.K.

airmen. There are also 30 war graves of other nationalities, most of them Polish. Within the Indian section of the cemetery will be found the DURNBACH CREMATION MEMORIAL, commemorating 23 servicemen of the army of undivided India who died while prisoners of war in various places in France and Germany, and who were cremated in accordance with their religion.