Poulton, Alan James

Alan James 


1923 - 1944
Service no.1575525
Born June 7, 1923
DiedJanuary 20, 1944


Alan James

Son of James and Emma Poulton.

Sergeant Poulton was one of the crew of Halifax LV773 that was on an operation to Berlin in Germany, when it crashed in the suburb of Bergedorf in Hamburg. Sergeant Poulton is buried in Hamburg Cemetery, Germany, Collective Grave 4A. B. 11-15.

A German report has – The 769 bombers headed for Berlin for the heaviest raid on the Reich’s capital city yet. Small Mosquito diversionary attacks against Kiel and Hannover, a long, indirect, northern approach route of the Main Force, and the ‘ghost voices’ of Corona, all failed to confuse the German defences.

The British report this:- Bomber Command returned to Berlin with a force of 769 Lancasters, Halifax and Mosquitos, which bombed on Pathfinder sky-marking and H2S through clouds. There is, however, no German record of this attack at all, which indicates the bombers missed completely, or the bombing was very good, and the records were suppressed.

Crew members:-
Pilot  – P/O Robert Henderson Thompson, J/85435
Flt. Engnr.  – Sgt Dennis Philip Fowler, 1036349
W/less Op. – Flt. Sgt. Alan James Poulton, 1575525
Air Bomber – Sgt. Arthur Radley, 1564682
Air Gunner – Sgt. Leonard Gerard Neary, 1036349
Air Gunner – Flt. Sgt. Harry Weston Spackman, R/175943 RCAF
W/less Op. – Sgt. Roy Joseph Standley, 1577005