Round, Frank Desmond

Frank Desmond 


1918 - 1944
Service no.48054
Born December 15, 1918
DiedJuly 5, 1944


Frank Desmond

Gateway School 1930-34. Son of Frank and Caroline Round. Husband of Frances Round.

Flight Lieutenant Round was one of the crew of Lancaster ND371 that took off from RAF Graveley at 23:14 hours on the 4th July 1944. As part of the Pathfinder Force, the aircraft was on an operation to drop flares that would mark the position of the railway yards at Villeneuve-St-George in France. The Lancaster crashed at 01:33 hours on the 5th July near Emance in France south west of Paris. Four of the crew were killed inluding Flight Lieutenant Round. He is buried in Émancé Communal Cemetery, France, Grave 3.

Crew members:-
Pilot- Sqdn. Ldr. George Frank Lambert DFC, 63419, RAF, aged 24 killed.
Air Gunner – Flt Lt. John Grant Cooke, 46790, RAF, aged 26, killed.
W/less Op. – Flt Lt. Frank Desmond Round, DFM, 48054, RAF, aged 25, killed.
– F/O Francis Emanuel O’Connell, 432451, RAAF, aged 22, killed. – F/O F Salt – evaded capture.
– Flt Lt. F Moorhead – evaded capture.
– W.O. R J Goode DFM – PoW
– Flt. Lt DR Hall – PoW