Thornton, George



1891 - 1917
Rank Private
Service no.37564
DiedAugust 31, 1917



School Records give his date of birth as 29th December 1891 son of John & Elizabeth Thornton of Vernon Road, He was baptised at Aylestone Park St James26-July 1893 Son of John Henry and Eliza.

He married Elsie L Bloxam on 5th August 1916 at Leicester, St Luke. After he died his widow Elsie L remarried on 24th July 1920 at Aylestone Park, St James


1901 Census Vernon Road, Leicester,

John Thornton Head Married Male 45 1856 Leicestershire, Shoe Hand Finisher

Lizzie Thornton Wife Married Female 44 1857 Leicestershire,  –

Lucy Thornton Daughter Single Female 21 1880 Leicestershire, Hosiery Hand Tacker & Maker

John Thornton Son Single Male 17 1884 Leicestershire, General Laborer Rubber Works

Charley Thornton Son Single Male 15 1886 Leicestershire, General Laborer Rubber Works

Anna Thornton Daughter Single Female 13 1888 Leicestershire, Hosiery Hand Sock Counter

William Thornton Son Single Male 11 1890 Leicestershire,  –

GeorgeThornton Son Single Male 9 1892 Leicestershire,  –

Lizzie Thornton Daughter Single Female 7 1894 Leicestershire,  –

Henry Thornton Son Single Male 5 1896 Leicestershire,  –


1911 Census 48 Vernon Road Leicester,

John Thornton Head Married Male 54 1857 Leicester Shoe Finisher

Elizabeth Thornton Wife Married Female 53 1858 Leics Market Harboro –

William Thornton Son Single  Male 21 1890 Leicester Carpinter

George Thornton Son Single  Male 19 1892 Leicester Packer

Elizabeth Thornton Daughter Single Female 17 1894 Leicester Turner And Marker

Henry Thornton Son Single  Male 15 1896 Leicester Scourer

Francis Fanny Thornton Daughter Single Female 8 1903 Leicester


Buried at



I. C. 40.