Regent Club, Rugby Road, Hinckley

Memorial: Regent Club, Rugby Road, Hinckley

Built in 1928-1929, the splendid building in Rugby Road, Hinckley was designed as a social club for all rather than for a particular group. ​

It had all the usual club facilities such as a billiard room with three tables, bar, smoke room, concert hall, lounge, committee rooms, and steward’s house store. There was also a skittle alley 48ft. long.

Like so many other clubs it was hit hard by the arrival of mass television and closed in 1990.

After World War 2, this fine war memorial was erected. Destined for the scrap metal merchant, it was saved by an alert local historian and presented to Hinckley Museum. With walls insufficiently strong to carry it, it was passed in to our care in 2019.

The left hand side shows as it was. The right hand side after a series of gentle washes with warm water.  The dark staining on the upper part is due to attempted cleaning with an incorrect material. Unfortunately the cost of a professional cleaning is just too great.​

Our friend Gregory Drozdz has done some research on the names on this memorial which can be accessed below.

We have also produced a story board about this memorial which can also be accessed below.

The names on Regent Club, Rugby Road, Hinckley...

Our thanks to researcher Gregory Drozdz for providing these details

Memorial location

All Saints Church, Highcross St, Leicester LE1 4PH